the plug by logik

LOGIK left St. Louis in pursuit of a dream. Arriving on the scene in Chicago as a fly on the wall, he navigated the underground art scene and rose within corporate America as an innovator. Now he is a cross-disciplinary alchemist minting gold connections among the next generation of visionaries.

How it works

LOGIK becomes "The Plug" to holders of this NFT, which is programmed to provide increasing benefits (“juice”) the longer it is held. The juice level continuously increases every two months while it is held in your wallet. It will maintain a full charge forever once it reaches 100%. However, the juice level reverts to 1% when the NFT is sold if maximum juice has not been reached.

gif of a battery charginghodl. gain juice. get plugs

1% sold

LOGIK takes the leap to working full-time as an artist

25% sold

6ETH Donated to Chiba Center, LOGIK's nonprofit Japanese language school for the Black and Brown community worldwide

50% sold

2 ETH donated to The Marcus Graham Project, an advertising bootcamp for people of color, which LOGIK attended in 2012

75% sold

10ETH to convert LOGIK's studio in Chicago into a physical NFT Gallery focusing on onboarding and showcasing artists of color

100% sold

LOGIK sends a Chiba Center student to Japan

Access to fractionalized ownership of a 1/1

Priority to guestlist for future collectibles and special editions

Early Access to LOGIK's digital fashion line

Random airdrops and other incentives